CPDL : The Oaks, WIE

Below are a series of draft documents and plans that have been produced for the purpose of a pre-application consultation exercise, in compliance with Welsh Government regulations, relating to land at the Wrexham Industrial Estate.
This is an applicant led-consultation and nothing to do with the Local Planning Authority, so all comments must be sent for the attention of the applicants’ agent only.
The 28 day statutory consultation period formally expires on 30 August 2019. Any comments received after this date will be accepted but registered as late noting that there is a risk that those submitted much more than a month after the deadline are at risk of not being able to have a bearing upon any subsequent planning application made.
The proposed development involves the redevelopment of a brownfield site located upon the Wrexham Industrial Estate for B1 light industrial and B2 / B8 industrial units (8.18 ha), including means of access and layout; with illustrative strategic landscaping and an area of 14.02 ha of land dedicated for ecological, heritage and amenity (mitigation) zones.
Your detailed comments are invited on this draft development proposal. The purpose of this consultation is to generatedetailed reasons and comments as to why you either support or have concerns with the draft proposals. This is essential because the greater you can say now the more it will assist us in shaping the scheme as it proceeds towards any subsequent planning application stage.
You may either use and fill in the Comment Form provided below or send us an email or letter under separate cover.
We look forward to hearing from you. Diolch yn fawr.

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