J10 Planning is a small independent chartered town planning practice, which helps us be nimble, accessible and responsive.

We provide Director advice only: your project is in safe hands with immediate effect, and at all times we provide you with a distinctly personal, creative and innovative service.

J10 was established by Justin Paul in 2003; with the goal of delivering the highest quality professional planning advice in the market, at a truly competitive rate, and at its core the principle aims of adding, releasing, generating and maximizing value through the land planning process.

What’s more, J10 is commercially astute; we have an excellent understanding of the political and public consensus, market trends and development finance, which allows us to provide sound and incisive expert planning and development solutions.

Being fully chartered by the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) allows us to be active within the profession both regionally and nationally; this has brought contacts, respected relationships and benefits few others are able to demonstrate.

Our Mission

Property is just as much about people and relationships as it is about bricks and mortar – J10 provides clients with more than simply a letterhead.

Our depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge comes from having a pedigree grounded in both the public and private sectors, this experience enables us to confidently navigate clients through the planning and development maze.

By appointing the best advisory team with local knowledge and commercially driven development solutions you will reduce risk and enhance development value.

By investing in J10 you are investing in sustainable development solutions which will not only result in generating wealth and jobs, but also enable positive environmental and community benefits to accumulate.

These are shared values for all stakeholders; so, whether you are a householder, property developer, public body, action group or professional advisor we believe we all share a common purpose in succeeding at driving up value.

Defined by a belief in quality to be commercially distinct and unique within our market: where we deliver value, generate wealth and optimise sustainable property solutions: professionally and adeptly providing superior planning advice.

– J10 Planning